Winter Maintenance Supervisor Certificate Workshop

  • Expand knowledge of planning and preparation in winter maintenance operations
  • Increase understanding of winter weather and how it affects operations
  • Identify how to better use traditional and alternative chemicals
  • Consider what equipment is available and how to maintain it
  • Expand understanding of snow and ice control techniques
  • Gain understanding about the environmental impacts of winter maintenance policies

Resulting in more effective, efficient, equitable and environmentally-friendly snow and ice control.

This is a fantastic training opportunity for new supervisors, senior operators or anyone wanting a good overall understanding of winter maintenance operations. Attendees receive a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of the program.

Who should attend?

  • Supervisors with winter maintenance responsibilities
  • Operators who aspire to be supervisors
  • Operators who want a greater understanding of winter maintenance processes


How can I earn the Winter Maintenance Supervisor Certificate?

The APWA Winter Maintenance Supervisor Certificate Workshop is the source for earning this certificate. It is offered annually at the Western Snow and Ice Conference. In addition, APWA National and the APWA Winter Maintenance Transportation Subcommittee have made this Workshop available for chapters to use as a supplement to their local Annual Conference or other chapter event. More information about hosting this Workshop in your area is provided below.