2018 Presentations

Sustainovation Nick Kittle
Effective and Innovative Teams Training
Winter Storms and Fires Photos
A Look at Winter Operations from across the U.S. and the Globe
Arapablend…Arapa What?
Designing a Maintenance Facility
Flat Budgets Where Proactive & Reactive Meet
How Technology is taking winter maintenance into the future
Impact of S&I Operations
Is It Better to be On-Call or Always-On
Making Brine is Simple
Mobile RWIS Integration into MDSS
Operators and Mechanics Fostering Good Communication
Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain
PPAM Snow and Ice Conference SE
Recharge your employees
Snow Removal on Trails From Rural to Urban
The evolution of residential snow removal in Omaha
Top Ten Things for a World-Class Winter Maintenance Program
Unusual Winter Storm Events
Using AVL Saves Money
What drives snowstorms and seasonal snowfall amounts in Colorado
Winter operations in small towns

Research Presentations

0 Intro
1 APWA Winter Maintenance Sub-Committee
2 FHWA Program Update Road Weather Management
3 TRB Standing Committee on Surface Transportation
4 Winter Maintenance Committee
5 Aurora Pooled Fund
6 Development of a Winter Maintenance Decision Support System
7 Everything You Wanted to Know About Winter Maintenance Research
8 Clear Roads Overview
9 Autonomous TMA Truck (ATMA)

2017 Presentations

After Action Reviews
Alberta_s Highway Maintenance Program
Angry Residents-Do You Know What To Do
Best Practices for Deicing Materials
Best Practices in Emergency Lighting
Chemical Impacts on Water and Vegetation
Do's and Don'ts of Communication
How Do You Use New Technology to Benefit Your Operations
How We Implemented a Near Miss-Hazard Program
MDSS and AVL for Snow Removal
MDSS-Pooled Funds vs Functional Prototype
Mr. Mrs. Smith-A Look Into the Relationship Between Public Works and Planning Engineers
Parsing Through the Data-What Do You Really Need For Winter Maintenance
Share the Road
Techniques of Plowing and Prioritization of Trails, Bike Lanes and Sidewalks
Using RWIS to Understand Levels of Service
Weather Tools That Really Help
Web Apps-Plow Tracking, AVL, GPS-How to develop an App and Use the Data for Performance  Management
Wing Plows-When They Work and When They Dont
Winter Weather Operations Planning